Wedding Invitation Wording

Wording wedding invitations is one of those things that you never seem to allow enough time for, because you think it should be simple, but once you start you realise what a minefield it is! We’ve talked about wedding stationery suitesbefore, of which Save the Dates are the first hint at the tone and style of your wedding. Because hopefully you’ve had a little more time to think about the style in the meantime, your invitations can be the cement which sets your guests’ idea of the coming celebration. So, that said, how many people have a “formal” destination wedding? Having a destination wedding in the first place is breaking a little with tradition- the destination bride and groom are thinking a little outside the box. So instead of concentrating exclusively on formal invitations, we’ll take you through what we are seeing couples do nowadays. We’ll give you a little background on what was traditionally done, so you can make your decision on how you would like to address and phrase your invitations, as nowadays pretty much anything goes in this area.

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